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The "Egerländer Brass Music and Information Archive" (Egerländer Blasmusik- und Informationsarchiv)


Actually, everything began with one single record. In 1956 my father bought a so-called "music box" (music cupboard) and with it at the same time also some single records.
Under it there was the first record of the legend musician Ernst Mosch and his "Egerländer Musikanten".

Since then the folk and brass music from the Egerland (part of Bohemia, todays Czech Republic) from Bohemia or from Danube-Swabian (former part of Hungary) has let me go no more. I procured and collected since then everything what has to do with this kind of music and with the Egerland.
What began with the only single record, increased till this day to a nearly complete collection of records, music cassettes and CD's of the "Original Egerländer Musikanten", in addition, on about 5,200 sound carriers as well as about 53,500 titles with brass music for instance from Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Danube-Swabian, Bavarian, South Tirol, "Oberkrain " and other countries.

Further informations about the "Egerländer Blasmusik- und Informationsarchiv" you'll find on a separate Internet page:

Report of the magazine "Der Egerländer - Eghalanda Bundeszeitung"

In their edition number 7, July 2017, the magazine "Der Egerländer - Eghalanda Bundeszeitung" published a detailed contribution through the "Egerländer Blasmusik- und Informationsarchiv" (Egerländer Brass Music and Information Archive) as well as about my music cultural work.
The text of the report can be found here.